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Diamond Tool

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Diamond Tool

Diamond Tool

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[ Diamond ] Applied Materials analytical tool :
Diamond cutting tool can be made with natural diamond single crystal diamond material , synthetic single crystal diamond , chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond thick , synthetic polycrystalline diamond composite films.
An anisotropic natural single crystal diamond single crystal . Hardness HV9000-10000, the hardest natural substance . This material is excellent wear resistance , cutting tool made ​​of dimensional stability can be maintained for a long time , and therefore have a long tool life.
Natural diamond tool edge can be machined to extremely sharp. Neurosurgery may be used to produce ophthalmic knife ; curved lenses can be used for processing ; be used to cut the optical glass fiber ; for the processing of gold , platinum jewelry pattern ; most important uses of nonferrous metals and alloys at high speed finishing over . Such as aluminum , gold, babbitt , beryllium copper , copper and so on. Natural diamond produced by the super-finishing tool tip portion 400 of the arcuate fold microscope no defects, the polygon mirror for processing an aluminum alloy , oxygen-free laser mirrors , gyroscopes, etc. recorder drum . Performance can be achieved roughness Ra (0.01-0.025) μm.
Natural diamond material toughness is poor, low flexural strength, only (0.2-0.5) Gpa. Will lose hardness poor thermal stability , the temperature reached 700 ℃ -800 ℃ while . The temperature will be higher carbonation . In addition, it is very strong affinity with the iron , steel is generally not suitable for processing .
Diamond tool selection and use common sense :
Before the user to select and use diamond tools , diamond- coated tools must understand the common sense of the following points :
( 1) The difference between the CVD diamond coated with amorphous diamond coating
Amorphous diamond ( also called diamond-like carbon - Annotation ) is to adopt a carbon PVD coating deposition process . It has a key part of the diamond SP3 , SP2 also has a part of the carbon bond ; its high film hardness, but lower than the hardness of diamond films ; their thickness than we usually deposited diamond film to be thinner . When machining graphite, amorphous diamond coated tool life is 2-3 times uncoated carbide tools . In contrast , CVD diamond deposition process is the use of pure CVD diamond coating , tool life when machining graphite is 12-20 times carbide cutting tools , which can reduce the number of tool changes to improve the reliability and precision machining consistency.
( 2 ) can not be processed hardened steel with a diamond cutter
Diamond is composed of carbon atoms. When some of the material is heated , it will absorb the carbon atoms from the diamond and carbide formation in the workpiece . Iron is one such material . When the iron group with diamond tooling materials, heat generated by friction causes the diffusion of carbon atoms in diamond to iron , resulting in diamond coatings by chemical wear and premature failure .

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