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High-speed cutting technology advantages in the manufacture of molds

Date:2014-1-21 click:1499times

At present, mold manufacturing, mainly in general machining and EDM based. Normal control machining the mold prior to heat treatment are generally roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, and grinding, polishing, time-consuming and laborious. EDM is performed after annealing, machining and heat treatment, EDM, grinding after final polishing.In some industrialized countries, the mold industry in recent years, undergoing a massive technological revolution, which is to gradually replace the high-speed cutting machine tools, processing equipment, high-precision machining for molds
High-speed cutting tools for machining the workpiece is also operated by high-speed cutting technology, which makes high-speed cutting technology occupies a dominant position in the mold manufacturing.
Its advantage is reflected in the following points:
1 On the whole, the degree of automation to improve the
Mold does not require high-speed machining electrodes do not require subsequent grinding and polishing process automation is also easy to implement and improve the speed of development of the mold.
2 high machining molds (workpiece) surface quality
Processed hardened steel with high-speed cutting technology, and get a high surface quality, low surface roughness than traditional, so get in instead of grinding and milling machining results, not only saves a lot of time, but also improve the surface quality.
3 high processing efficiency
High-speed cutting tools not only high speed, feed fast, and rough finishing can be completed, greatly improving the efficiency of production, combined with CNC technology, mold manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened accordingly.
4. Has good prospects for development
Although high-speed machining center has been able to many complex machining processes on a single machine to achieve high speed, but it still does not fully meet the diverse mold now, then machining and electrical, chemical, ultrasonic principle of different processing methods composite forming mold manufacturing technology in the future will have broad prospects.


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