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Impact grinding cutting surface roughness factor

Date:2014-1-21 click:1451times

A surface roughness factors affect the cutting

1) The nature of the workpiece material

When machining brittle materials, the chips were crushed granular, because the chip chipping and left many in the machined surface pitting, the surface roughness. The processing of plastic materials, the extrusion tool to produce plastic deformation of the metal, coupled with the tool and the workpiece to force and torn separation chip, the surface roughness increases. Workpiece better toughness, greater plastic deformation of metal, the more the machined surface roughness.

2) the geometry of the tool

Reducing the amount of feed, the main angle, angle and vice corner radius increases, may reduce the height of the residual area. When the tool relative to the workpiece as the feed motion, cutting the machined surface layer leaving a residual area, reflecting the complex geometry of the tool when its shape. On the other hand, the appropriate tool rake angle is increased to reduce the degree of plastic deformation during cutting, a reasonable choice of lubricating fluid and improve the quality of tool sharpening cutting to reduce the plastic deformation and inhibition of tumor knife, stabbed scale generation, but also effective measures to reduce the surface roughness values.

3) Cutting

Second, the surface roughness of the factors affecting grinding

Just when machining surface roughness formation process, the grinding surface roughness is also formed by the plastic deformation when the geometrical factors and the surface of the metal to the decision.

The main factors affecting the grinding surface roughness are:

1) radial grinding speed and grinding mill feed rate and optical frequency;
2) coolant.
3) circumference of the workpiece feed rate and axial feed rate;
4) wheel grain size, hardness, trimmed.

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