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Woodworking engraving machine you want it? See here

Date:2014-3-27 click:1435times

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  WuHu MJTER CNC Technology Co., Ltd is engaged in wood carving machine http://www.mjtdkdj.com/yzindex/products-detail.asp?cpid=135 other products manufacturing of large enterprises, our wood engraving machine and other products in a professional, honest, peaceful and sustainable business philosophy has been the market certainly in the field of machinery manufacturing, customer support. our woodworking engraving machine and other products in the market has been in a leader.
Select the first, woodworking engraving machine cutter rotation direction

Rotary cutter according to the rotation direction is the direction of the processing machine and the tool spindle axis and the relative position of the feed of the workpiece to determine, whether the whole cutter, or cutter assembly, the cutting edge radius of the cutter relative to the cutter rotation angle determined direction.

  Second, wood engraving machine cutter cutting the amount of choice
Cutting milling cutters include cutting, the workpiece feed rate and milling depth. Radius milling cutter cutting speed depends on the speed and cutter. The feed rate of the workpiece surface quality depends on the machining requirements. The surface roughness of the workpiece to be cut during the cutting process depends largely on the amount of feed per tooth milling, feed per tooth is too large, the machined surface is too rough, too small for the amount of feed per tooth, the machined surface will appear to burn coke phenomenon, so the cutter feed rate per tooth must be appropriate.  

Third, wood engraving machine milling operation stability
Milling operation is to ensure the stability of machining precision and surface quality of the foundation. This includes two aspects: First, the cutter in machining due to external excitation and vibration; Second, the deformation occurs in the milling external forces.
  Fourth, wood engraving machine milling Safety
The security includes milling cutter rotation speed limit, chips thickness limit, molding cutter contour cutter blade assembly height restrictions and the amount of thickness and extending restrictions.

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