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Cutting fluid for reaming role

Date:2014-1-21 click:1424times

Steel hinge holes usually 10% to 15% concentration of the emulsion or a sulfurized oil; hinge casting hole is usually a good wettability, the smaller the viscosity of kerosene. When using carbide reamer hole, cutting fluid should also be used, but must wait until the cutting fluid supply reaming completed to stop, otherwise easily lead to the edge of the crack.


When using the emulsion should be noted, if the emulsion was cooled with sufficient processing workpieces out becomes smaller pore size, the extent of the reduction is greater than the cutting fluid becomes small when machining oil. Of course, we must also understand the underlying technology of high speed machining of hardened steel, because the emulsion is a water-based cutting fluids, water, good thermal conductivity, so the thermal expansion of the small tool;Emulsion key is lower than the lubricating oil cutting fluid, causing reaming tool on the workpiece corresponding to the extruding is increased, so that it increases the amount of springback of the workpiece after processing, thereby reducing the pore size corresponding . Therefore, using the above theory, the actual production can be changed by the type of cutting fluid to control the size and composition of the actual processing, in order to meet the precision and quality of reaming requirements.Cutting fluid injection methods commonly used supplies, cutting fluid loss if the majority of reaming, cutting area without adequate cooling and lubrication, thus affecting the results of processing, and damage to the workpiece and tool. So now using the high-pressure cooling method for cutting fluid supply, good cooling effect. Although this cool little tool structure complex, but still in production can be achieved.

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