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Choose a reasonable amount of reaming

Date:2014-1-21 click:1381times

Reaming margin mainly determined by the specific requirements of the workpiece material, reaming accuracy and surface roughness. When the margin is too small machining marks usually can not be removed before the procedure; than when excessive load increases due to cutting big, so easy to undermine the stability of the reamer work, causing vibrations from playing lead reaming expanded greatly reduced the tool life. We can understand the type of milling tools and machining attention of the relevant circumstances.

Reaming speed and feed rate must choose appropriate, should improve processing efficiency in ensuring the quality of the premise. In general, increasing the speed and improve the reaming feed, precision reaming will decrease the surface roughness increases, the reamer will increase wear, easy to cause vibration. In severe cases, even make carbide blade crack. So when the feed rate in the control reaming, reaming steel materials often take f = 0.05 ~ 0.6mm / r; while reaming iron f = 0.2 ~ 2mm / r; pair of holes and hole machining of demanding hours should be taken a small value. Cutting desirable Vc = 3 ~ 20m/min, to avoid BUE, it should use a smaller value when cutting steel. 


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