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Hello, welcome to Wuhu America Jeter CNC Technology Co., Ltd. Main: diamond grinding tools, comprehensive tool grinding, diamond tool grinders, diamond grinding tool axis, five-axis tool grinding ...

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  WUHU MJTER CNC TECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD was founded in September 9, 1999,the company is located in the southeast of Anhui province, at the southern bank of the Yangtze river. In the industrial park of Wuhu county, Anhui Province. It covers an area of 60 acres of its factory. MJTER is a comprehensive industrial institutions of collecting research and development,design, manufacture and sales within one body.
   "JINCHEN" is MJTER’s cutting tool brand, the company mainly include stone engraving bits, hard alloy bits tools and diamond engraving bits ,etc.Those are mainly applied in stone carving material, for engraving advertising, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other fields.
  MJTER has the world's advanced production technology, has a strong scientific research and development team, has the world first-class tooling production equipment, and set up a collection of scientific research, application research for the integration of research and development center.After several years of painstaking research, collect and draw lessons from the thousands of customers at home and abroad of bits usage, overcomes a series of problems.
  Possess the strong technical strength, abundant capital support and abundant professional knowledge, as well as the advantages of complete varieties are plentiful render for the development of the enterprises at home and abroad, the ideal of punctual, fast service, let the cumbersome procurement become simple and orderly, fair and efficient.Sincerely hope we can successful cooperation with you!

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