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Future trends machining industry

Date:2014-1-21 click:1477times

With increasing competition in the market incentives, but also the pursuit of life as people increasingly high customer service requirements are getting higher and higher, we have a deep understanding of the traditional service model has been unable to meet customer requirements the customer's requirements, but is also increasing, manufacturers are slowly transition to service companies do, and this is a trend lies.
Close view some recent policies, in early 2009, our country has been released and implemented, "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" at this time, the machine tool industry in order to better carry out and implement the relevant revitalization plan, proposed a three-year revitalization goals. In this goal, it has been clearly mentioned the need to vigorously develop modern manufacturing services, highlighted the large machine tool manufacturing companies and enterprises, to avoid the original manufacturing process, but must be quickly added to the restructuring of enterprises in the past, and to extend the industrial chain, to improve the overall value and effectiveness of the industry

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